you’ve got a book in you

let’s get in on the shelf for the world to read

Your story deserves to be heard. Don’t let the gems you have inside go to the grave with you. With the help of an expert writer you can take the richness of your unique life journey and turn it into a valuable book. What greater legacy than to share with future generations what life has taught you? Let me coach you through the process, or even write the book for you, using your voice and concepts – it’s up to you and your needs. 

how it works

An initial two-hour discussion to determine: What you want to achieve from your book; Who your target market will be; How you’d like to print/distribute; A framework of your book; Advice on how to get your book out there. This can be done over Skype or Google Hang-outs if you’re not based in Jozi or South Africa.

Opening words Framework & Content: I will draw up a detailed framework and a set of questions for each chapter which I’ll email to you to answer. Your role will simply be to answer these questions. Once you have answered the first set, you’ll find there’s a flow coming through and your voice will be evident.
First edit: Chapter by chapter, I will take your answered questions and transform them into a professionally written story that maintains your authentic voice. This won’t be a sterile book written by someone else; it will always remain yours.
Second edit: Once all the chapters are written, you will be given the opportunity to read through the whole book and discuss any changes you would like to make. There may be a point missing or even too much information on a certain subject and all your comments will be taken into account and discussed.
Last edit, design and layout: A last and thorough editing and proofreading process will happen before you are ready to go to print. At this stage the cover will be designed and the layout of the book will be finalised, always with your input and approval.
Print and distribution: Your book will now be ready to go to print and uploaded onto digital platforms for sale around the world.
Timing: If you do you part, you could have your book ready for print in 3 months.

Costs: Varies according to your needs, so get in touch and I’ll give you a quote.