a new thing


Well, I’ve been writing a private blog for years now for a few hundred people in a specific community. I wanted to stop because I thought I may have been getting stale. But, I’ve been urged by numerous people to keep blogging. So, here I am. Lets see how this pans out. Hope you enjoy my ruminations and sometimes nonsense.

It rained last night, which isn’t strange in itself, except that it’s the middle of winter and it doesn’t usually rain in winter here. The beauty of freshly rained-on ground is extraordinary and the birds are obviously happy – tweeting away like newly famous rock stars.

I woke up this morning with a headache and a dull feeling of something wrong – nothing new – life’s been pretty tough lately and I’m tired. The weekend’s come around so quickly and zoom off to Monday just as quickly. It feels like a rut, but ruts don’t usually have daily issues with this person or that. Ruts are simply straight lines where nothing changes.

But the sun’s coming out and a day stretches before me with no major obligations or duties to do – there’s a car to fix and a child to comfort. There’s a bit of work to do, and not much food in the pantry, but all in all, it’s turned into a beautiful day.

I think I’ll go and join the birds in the garden and ruminate on all things exquisite.

4 thoughts on “a new thing

  1. Love the freedom that I know will flow from your blog.. thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂 you have your first fan!


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