the end of weekends

My weekends are so busy at the moment that I’m seriously considering giving up at least one day of work during the week. I’ll have to do this surreptitiously because I’m pretty sure my boss won’t agree.

This is what my last weekend looked like: the office year-end party began at lunchtime on Friday and by mid-afternoon, we were all dancing like dervishes in the restaurant which spilled out onto the corner of a rather busy road. The jazz band was belting out brilliance while my boss kept stalking the microphone to shout crass inanities at the crowd. When I finally got home I could hardly talk because I’d had to shout over the noise all afternoon, and because I had a cold.

The next morning I woke before the birds due to an over enthusiastic coughing attack. It was raining so I decided now was the time to move the enormous creeper I wanted on the other side of my deck. It was a stubborn plant and the whole exercise took me at least an hour longer than I anticipated. But after much grunting, three different spades, a pair of garden cutters and some help from my cat, I did it. However, extreme pyjama-clad gardening in the rain when you have flu is generally not recommended. Stupid thing looks dead now.

After an intense shower and scrubbing session, I rushed off to take a friend’s cat to the vet and some much-needed grocery shopping. Needless to say I arrived back with a few random snacks that didn’t match each other, never mind anything I had at home – no building up to perfect bites for me, just a rather desultory sandwiches with strange fillings. Then I launched into a speedily written marketing assignment (for the same friend) and got ready for a party.

Said party was lovely, and on sneaking outside for a much-needed breath of fresh air, I discovered an old friend had set up her coffee shack. The lines were very long so I offered to help and ended up serving coffee for the rest of the evening. In the rain.

Sunday brought a ruined roast lunch (I was on the phone to my brother for an inordinately long time about a 24-year old trauma we’d both experienced, so the roast over cooked). Take aways and another assignment ended the weekend.

Monday loomed far too large and soon, and I decided there and then to put an end to weekends. But, I’d already planned a dinner party and accepted an invitation to yet another year-end event and a baby shower.

I’ve now decided to put an end to Mondays.

Here’s to a fantastical weekend.

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