the time is now

Time is a funny thing. We do all sorts of things with it. Lose it. Waste it. Kill it.

We’re not very careful with it, that’s for sure.

At the moment I feel like it’s fleeting – it’s already March and the sun is going to sleep just that little bit earlier every evening. Just as seasons happen every year, so we have seasons in our lives. We also have seasons during the day. Most of my day is taken up with researching and writing. Sometimes I find myself using my time to perform mind numbing admin tasks that seem like a total waste of time., but after my daily tasks are over, it’s time for my season of recapturing my thoughts, of doing some exercise to wipe away the kinks in my body and mind, it’s time for nurture, food making and relaxation.

I’m prone to existential crises – its part of my individual seasonal stuff. This internal thought of ‘what’s the point here’ comes and goes like a nature programme on fast forward. But expanding my thoughts to the bigger picture certainly puts things into perspective. If you are thirty or younger at this time now, you can expect to live to 100 – because of advances in medical science, etc. That’s not to say you can abuse your body (or you time) to the extent that you’ll need everything medical science can throw at you in twenty years, but it does extend time a little.

The urgency we feel when time seems to slip away can be placed into a bigger jar –where today’s moment becomes a speck. But that’s not to say we can ignore each moment. As the ancients have always taught, every moment is precious and every moment can teach us something.

This week I’ve been egging time on because tomorrow I’m going to slip back in time to attend an eco-festival with hippie-like offerings and chilled music. I’ve been looking forward to it. I’ve had a maddening week of those pesky admin-type tasks and have been wishing my life away.

As I sit here now, I ‘m trying to look back on my week to examine what I’ve learned even in my moments of frustration. I’m trying to establish how each of those moments have integrated into who I am and who I am becoming on a moment-by-moment basis. You see, you can’t take back what’s just happened – so you need to love it, embrace it, examine it and then move on.

Whether it’s a moment of joy or anger, a moment of fear or freedom, its integrated into your psyche and won’t be undone. Learn from it and in learning, begin to love that moment as part of your beautiful self.

The time is now – no matter what it is time for. It’s now.

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