death to mondays

Today, I only have 6 Monday’s left.

How cool is that!

I’ve taken the leap back into entrepreneurship and resigned from my oh-so-9-5 (and a few other mismatched and unwarranted hours) job.

Soon again I will be my own boss and as I’m such a nice one, I’ve decided that I will never do a Monday morning again for as long as I am in control. Even if I have to work on a Sunday, Monday mornings will become sacrosanct.

I’ll start the week slow, with a long, stretchy wake up and a leisurely walk to my favourite coffee shop for a deeply satisfying cappuccino (or three) and a freshly baked croissant. Then I’ll mosey back down the hill to home and do an online yoga class. Then, and only then, will I contemplate the week.

I was recently chatting to a young friend of mine who told me of his need for anti-anxiety meds on Sundays. At least it’s not for the whole week, but he starts getting anxious the moment he wakes up on Sunday morning – talk about cutting your weekend short. Gee. At least I only have that heart-stopping sharp intake of breath late on Sunday night, or the moment my alarm screeches on Monday morning.

It’s a common malaise, though.

I’ve tried (and this works to an extent) to extend my weekends by going out on a Sunday late afternoon, evening. It makes it feel like a different day of the week. Most of us tend to hang about at home eating cold food or something on toast in front of the TV, hoping the Sunday night movie will prove worthy. We check our wardrobes for clean clothes, consider the meetings or deadlines that’ll attack us in less than 12 hours and generally leave the weekend for the week.

There are quite a few songs about Monday’s, but other than the one that depicts 16 year old Brenda Ann Spencer’s decision to shoot at people at a primary school in 1979 because she said, ‘I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.’ She killed two adults and injured 8 children and a police man:, I rather think the 80’s Bangles version is a little less deadly – so, if you’re going to face a lot more Monday’s than I am, maybe this will chill you out a little:

After so many years of doing Monday’s, I’ve come to the conclusion that they’re simply bad for your health (did you know that more people die of a heart attack on a Monday than on any other day of the week?) – So I’m starting a mission to kill off Mondays. Join me if you can and let me know what the coffee was like. Tell me about the exact texture of your croissant and whether you had jam or cheese, or both. Tell me what you observed on your meander and how free you felt. If you can only join the mission sometimes, then, tell me anyway and I’ll quietly cheer you on towards a life free of the deadliest day of the week.

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