E Qubed

I’m a pretty laid back person but I recently experienced a situation that made me so angry I could hardly speak. The huge wave of anger that overtook me was so surprising that it shook me for days. In fact, I’m still not over it. I didn’t behave that well – usually I can hold on and vent later in private, but this time, I simply couldn’t.

The situation made me look like a fool and my reaction didn’t do me any favours either. The whole thing made me doubt my ability to do anything useful, to seriously question myself. I thought I was going mad because it was all so wrong on so many levels.

If that wasn’t bad enough, the person who caused all the anger subsequently said my behaviour was insulting (apparently I gave him a dirty look) and he wanted nothing more to do with the project in question, as well as another completely unrelated project I’m also involved in.

I had no choice but to apologise, just to keep the whole thing going. Apology was accepted, but not returned

. So, that’s just made me even angrier. I’ve decided that I’m going to avoid working with anybody whose EQ score is lower than my cat’s IQ. It’s just not good for my health to have to deal with people who have seeming impunity for their dumb behaviour.

Okay, I’ve ranted now. Back to scheming how I can avoid idiots. If you have any ideas on how to achieve that, please let me know.

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