do stuff

I read a study recently that concluded people who spend their money on life experiences rather than material things are happier in general.

I’d already decided that this year I’d make more of an effort to connect with people – have dinner parties, visit people, get out there and explore things.

Although I’ve had a few dinner parties, my foray into adventure has been a little stumped. Twice I’ve tried to visit food markets – but, the first one wasn’t happening because I got the date wrong and the second one didn’t last as long as I expected and I arrived just before it was about to close, having forgotten to draw cash. So I slunk away and explored a nearby shopping centre instead which really isn’t the same at all. The only truly satisfying adventure I’ve recently experienced was a purely fantastical journey to another land with the little person in my life – we had wings (sparkly ones).

Quite some years ago, I worked in a bohemian restaurant set in a highly hippified part of town (I didn’t wear shoes for an entire year, even while working). Although I loved the freedom and easy-going lifestyle, one thing that really bothered me was the groups of people who would pop in each day, order the same thing every day (and never leave a tip) and talk about what they were going to do. The thing is, all they did was talk. If you’re planning on doing something and are convicted enough about that thing to talk about it, announce it, then surely at some stage you need to go and do it?

If you’re hesitating about doing something right now – if you’re being all dithery, then stop right there and just get on with it. Forget all the excuses; don’t buy in to the obstacles. Just make the decision and make a start. Even if it’s a seemingly small idea, like attending a mass yoga class or staying up all night to see the sunrise. Life is happening and it will happen whether you participate or not – so engage and push for the adventure.

I’m heading off to the mother city next month for a picnic, which promises to be a great adventure. Booking flights was a little nightmarish – trying to find a good rate at a good time (5am just doesn’t cut it), but its all part of the adventure. I’m now much more au fait with the airline industry. As for accommodation – well, that’s truly an adventure in randomness.

Life really is full of things that kind of get in the way. And although everyone knows it’s your attitude that makes the difference in how you handle those things, I do think the promise of adventure is far more mood lifting than just keeping your chin up.

So, I’m going to focus now on doing stuff rather than getting stuff.

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