get along

Ghandi said be the change you want to see in the world. There’s a concept that I think is South American about what they call your ‘long body’. This is your influence of the way others respond to your view of who they are. Sound complicated? It isn’t.

If you believe someone is brilliant or funny – when they are with you, they’ll be brilliant or funny. The same goes for gorgeousness, idiocy, nastiness, seriousness, and so it goes. We’ve all experienced a person who we just adore and everyone else can’t stand, or the other way around.

The best thing I ever learned in psychology was that shit happens. All the time and to everyone – it’s the way you handle it that makes the difference. Here’s a scenario.

As you walk into your office building you meet a colleague who thinks you are the most exquisite creature on the planet. They think you’re witty, intelligent and just have everything a human needs to be on top of the pile. They don’t say much, just smile and ask how you’re doing.

Their energy, the energy they are giving you, energises you. Suddenly you feel lighter, brighter, more intelligent and more attractive.

As you enter your office space, you’re told you have ten minutes to get ready for an urgent presentation on something you’re not all that clued up about. And, that your boss, who was going to present, is stuck in major traffic so it’s all on you.

No problem. Because you are gorgeous, intelligent, witty and just plain fantastic.

What would have happened if when you’d walked into your office building, you bumped into someone who can’t stand you? Someone who thinks you are an absolute idiot and shouldn’t be allowed out, ever. The impromptu presentation probably wouldn’t go so well and you’d feel and perhaps act like a complete moron.

Every person has beauty and worth. So, how about being (in your long body) the change you want to see in others. How about we try to look through the bull and deep into the heart of people – get your long body programmed to love so we can all get along. Seek out and find that innate beauty in the people you connect with daily and extend you own love and beauty right into the essence of their souls.

And while you at it, seek out people who, in their long bodies, expand that love energy to you. Stay away from people who send poisonous darts in your direction. Spend as much time as possible soaking up the love that’s right there in your reach, and that you so deserve, no matter who you are.

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