I’ve spent so much of my life waiting – waiting for someone to come home, or leave. Waiting for someone or something to change. Waiting for children to emerge from school or to grow up. Waiting for the world to change, really. It doesn’t, you know. Nothing changes, except you.

You can change, make it different. Not all change is good, or bad. Just different.

I have a lot of people in my life who talk a lot. About what they are going to do . . . when this or that happens. They’re waiting too. In the words of Elvis, I’d prefer ‘a little less conversation and a little more action please’.

And I’ve been taking my own advice recently – I’ve stopped talking and started taking action – I’ve made moves towards change. But it’s hard when those around you don’t move at the same pace. It’s hard when they’re still waiting and talking and you’ve already arrived at the next destination.

You want to egg them on but your voice doesn’t seem to be heard. Nobody seems to be listening at all. It’s like forging a path nobody will follow you on. But I guess its okay as long as it’s your path. I guess that’s all we can expect in this giant adventure of life – a path of our own. If nobody follows, it’s probably something to celebrate – because they’re either forging their own path, or they’re just stuck and you don’t want them on your path anyway.

So, if you’re forging ahead and feel a little lonely, keep going – don’t look back and don’t stop for stragglers. It’s your life, your path. Your journey.

Add a sound track to your meander, too. Two songs that come to mind are the Scorpions ‘winds of change’ and White Snake’s ‘here I go again’.

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