thursday on my mind

Thursday is my favourite day. It’s a strange day to pick, I know. And Saturdays’ probably offer more promise, but I have a particular fondness for that second last day of the working week. It’s far enough away from Monday to be safe, and the first part of my week is usually fraught with anxiety in the build up to Wednesday. You see, that middle day is a particularly long day in my life and involves a mad dash across town after work in intense traffic, being driven by an often irritated person who is in the habit of speeding up to things that require good breaking skills.

After the mad dash I’m required to be very charming to whoever we’re meeting and then be scintillating and upbeat on live radio for an hour. The bit on radio is actually quite relaxing – it’s the knowledge that there’s going to be an extreme driving exercise back home that keeps my anxiety levels high. This nail biting experience generally makes me a little nauseous and so by the time I get to eat dinner (much later than I’d like), I’m not usually that keen on food. So, if I could just view the day as a weight loss programme I might fare a little better.

But Thursday’s are pretty chilled. There’s not much to do on a Thursday – no mad dashes, usually no major deadlines or chaos when I get home. No essential programme to watch and it’s sometimes when I can get to experiment in the kitchen. One of those pantry raid, pick up a few random items on the way home from work meals.

I’m definitely a random shopper. I’m not keen on shopping, but I seriously love trying out new ingredients and finding delish combinations. For example, a perfect bite is a piece of roast chicken, a chocolate ball, a gooseberry and a leaf of rocket. Lemon, ginger and coriander in a fish cake are sumptuous or a simple piece of toast laden with walnut encrusted cheddar, pepper dews and watercress is a delight to the senses.

Yes, I think Thursdays should be celebrated more – a kind of no man’s land during the week when you know you can begin to ease into the weekend – when you know that Saturday is on the horizon and you can lie in bed a little longer. When you can sit outside and listen to the birds’ gossip. Or write a blog about Thursdays.


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