I woke up this morning with a black eye. What’s with that? Of course, I immediately googled to see if it was due to some strange and disastrous disease but then had to concede that I must have punched myself in my sleep. Seriously, who does that kind of thing? It’s not painful, just a little tender and now my one eye looks like I had a 1980s make-up attack – all blue, purple, pink and yellow – exactly where you’d put eye shadow.

I grew up in the 80s and I guess that, just like most generations, I wish I’d grown up in another time (I mean, I had Boy George and Madonna as my fashion role models – how sad is that!). Looking back at my youth, I do see an intellectual seriousness and sense of purpose emerging – we were very much against all forms of war and a little terrified of the nuclear threat.We witnessed the fall of the Berlin wall and so many changes in the world – good changes.
I’m reading (for the nth time) James Michener’s The Drifters. It’s an epic tome on being young and free during the late 1960s. He sketches the most incredible characters who meet up serendipitously in the party town of Torremilinos. They travel from there to Portugal and back and then on to Mozambique on a Greek ship.
Abundant in every way, Michener doesn’t start each chapter with one wise quote like so many authors – he offers a page or two of some of the most un-pc quotes I’ve ever seen in print and I wonder how he managed to get away with it at the time.
Michener died in 1997 and the amount of enjoyment I’ve garnered from this and other books he’s written highlights the incredible power of the written word – and of the imagination. He manages to efficiently weave history and current affairs into stores of such emotional purity. He had a fantastic curiosity and understanding of humans.
What all that has to with a black eye, I’m not terribly sure, but I’m beginning to suspect that I may have fallen asleep last night with Michener’s tale as a pillow and perhaps one of the sharpish corners dug into my eye as I descended into a Hendrix-like kaleidoscopic dream.

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