give up!

I’m a bit frustrated at the moment, which you may be able to tell from past blogs. Life’s just not panning out quite the way I envisaged. Not that it’s at all bad – I have all the things I need – food, clothing, shelter, love, intelligence and so on.

I was told, however, to not give up. And so I began wondering what exactly that means. I mean, if you’re not doing anything really, what’s there to give up? And if what you are doing isn’t giving you much pleasure, then why not give it up?

It’s that tipping point thing again. That hope thing again. What’s your tipping point – what will make you move from here to there (or elsewhere) and what hopes are stopping you?

Hope stopping you? Yes, it sounds a little strange, but you see we hope for things inside of where we are. We dream of things outside of where we are. So, hope can actually stop us from being all we can be.

Dreams, well, those are what can move us.

What are you dreaming about right now? Do you want to travel to Italy and find the perfect pizza recipe? Do you ache to be the top of your game, whatever game that is? Do you strive to be a rock star? Do you desire to be in love again?

What keeps the stars in your eyes when nobody’s looking? What are your thoughts and plans when you’re falling asleep at night?

And what are the hopes that hold you back? That you’ll come across a rare and priceless cookery book on your way to work? That so and so will kick the bucket and you’ll eventually be promoted? That a neighbour will hear you singing in the shower and turn out to be a top-dog talent scout? That the guy or girl next door is actually THE one?

Are you waiting for all the stars to align so that every one of your dreams will suddenly come true?

Life is in your hands and in your hands only. You’re the one who can get up and give up. Give up on hoping and get moving on those dreams.

It takes courage, but we all have it in us to give up when the time is right, and even when it isn’t, because who knows what’s around the other corner? Not the corner where hope lies, the corner where your dreams take you.

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