blowin’ in the wind

Leaf blowers have to be the most useless invention known to man. Seriously, the only people who find any pleasure out of them are myriad gardeners who spend inordinate amounts of time moving fallen leaves from one place to the next and in the process make a huge noise and pollute the air. Just about every person I know who has bought one of these ridiculous things has regretted the purchase because all their gardener does all day is play with the leaf blower. (I did watch a movie today about New Years Eve in New York and after all the confetti fell at midnight, loads of people were walking the streets with leaf blowers alongside a truck that looked like a massive vacuum cleaner. In that particular circumstance, they may be useful).

How many things do we have in our lives because we think we need them, but which on closer examination turn out to be no more useful than a noisy, time-wasting leaf blower? The Bible talks about removing weeds and sorting chaff and so on, so it really must be something we should do every so often – examine what we have in our lives to see if it all stands up to usefulness tests.

Perhaps one should ask: how does this thing benefit me, or others around me. How does it enhance my life in such a way that I can either get on with doing more important things, or that I can become a better person? And really this applies to things we do as well. I’m a really busy person and hate just sitting doing one thing only. With the various time wasting things I find myself doing, I usually try to do something else as well. For example, if I am on a long phone (cell) call, I will invariably water the garden, cook or clean something at the same time. Nonetheless, I do a huge amount of time wasting activities.

I have a bowl at home that seems to accumulate junk of epic proportions. It is astounding how much stuff we manage to pick up along the way, just doing ordinary every day things. My bowl contains various sets of keys which I think belong to a previous house I lived in, two old batteries that are leaking something noxious, an empty tube of lipstick, an old slip that is too faded to make out what it was for and a whole bunch of other bits and pieces. I walk past this bowl every day and in fact, it’s where my car keys live. Why on earth am I keeping all that stuff? Why can’t I simply toss the whole lot away?

Are there things, actions or people in your life who take your eye off the ball in terms of what you want, desire and love to do? Are there things in your life that distract you from loving your beloveds or spending time being productive (like watching a movie in the afternoon)?

Sometimes it’s good to take a moment to regroup and assess. Do a spring clean of the mind body and soul before the first buds appear on the horizon.


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