a two hour lunch and improbable research

A huge clap of thunder woke me this morning and it was such a joy to lie there, listening to the raindrops fall. It’s not that usual for thunderstorms to happen in the morning – they’re more an afternoon or early evening occurrence. So, this morning’s awakening was surprising and a sweet reminder that it’s Saturday and I had no reason to get up.

I did, though, just for long enough to greet the wet morning and make a cup of coffee and then I headed straight back to my warm bed and an old friend I’m reading again – A prayer for Owen Meany. If you haven’t read that book, get a copy immediately. It’ll lift your spirits, make you laugh, cry and think.

I’m practising dolce far niente today – I’ve planned to have lunch with one of my oldest friends and someone I only see about once a year. He’s always travelling to strange and wonderful places like the Congo or some untouched archipelago. Lunch will last at least two hours and laughter will be a key ingredient.

It’s a glorious day – warm but with the intoxicating smell of fresh rain. The birds are singing happily and I look forward to three days of indulging in the sweetness of doing nothing.

If you’re also going to indulge, and need a giggle, check out the Ig Nobel prizes – these are prizes awarded to scientists who’ve conducted improbable, silly and rather useless research, and for the most part, written papers on their research. It’s a wonderful celebration of fallibility and humour.



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