finding sugarman

My two hour lunch yesterday was extended by a further hour and a half, and mixed in with the laughter was philosophy, fishing, travel, hopes, dreams and tequila. Although, our waiter was definitely from another world, so we actually ended up drinking ‘teggela’ – but the effect was the same.

Two people have recently told me that I simply have to see the movie Finding Sugarman – it’s all about Rodriguez and his impossibly brilliant music – music that makes you ache for something you know is inside you. Everyone I know loves his music, and yet, he didn’t even know he was loved in this little part of the world. His albums didn’t sell more than 10 copies in the US and yet he’s astoundingly brilliant.

Well, the movie is about finding him – the filmmakers thought he’d died and they went on a quest to find out how and where – to get his story. To their delight and amazement, he was alive and well – but working as a labourer. He had no inkling of the effect he had on thousands of young people on the other side of the globe.

Its currently playing down the road from me, so on this free Monday, I’m going to find sugarman. Even though I know his music and story will touch my soul, I also know it’ll fill me with a rage against unmet possibilities – my own and the world’s in general.

If you haven’t heard of him, check out this clip on YouTube You’ll become an instant fan

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