i wonder

If you want a lesson in humility, dignity, intelligence, spiritual awakening and moving beyond the impossible with small steps in the right direction, you simply have to see the movie Searching for Sugarman.

I blogged this morning that I was going to see the movie and that I was sure his music would touch my soul and I’d rage against unmet possibilities. Well, it was so much more than that. I’m not given to public displays of emotion – but I sobbed. I had to wait for everyone to leave the theatre so my tears would subside.

This incredible man wrote astoundingly intense poetry and put his wisdom to music. When it didn’t work out for him in that he couldn’t make a living from it, he moved on and worked as a builder. But that’s not the story – he worked with such dignity – he did what he had to do to get on in life and yet still kept his beautiful insightful soul. When he got onto that stage in SA for the first time, with thousands of people screaming his name, he didn’t blink. He just got up there and sang his soul, like it was the most natural thing in the world. Because it was.

How many people are there in the world today who have this kind of gift – but we don’t know about it because of this or that. We watch silly videos on the internet, or inane programmes on TV, but there is such wisdom, beauty and inspiration elsewhere.

We all have beauty and wisdom inside, but life sometimes gets in the way. Most of the time life gets in the way.

Don’t let it. Don’t let life get in the way.

We’re told to write a bucket list, or to aspire to early retirement. But we should be too busy doing what we want to write anything down. We should be so passionate about doing the thing we want to do that retirement is a foreign concept.

We should love and learn and live every day with passion and conviction.

Because, unless someone thousands of miles away is searching for you, your soul, you may believe you’ve passed through this life unnoticed. Make sure you do what you desire so you know you exist. Make sure you rage against mundane possibilities – do what the queen in Alice in Wonderland says and believe in at least six impossible things before breakfast.

Don’t wonder. Do.

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