tree wars

As I sit here on the eve of a long summer holiday, I’m feeling quite simply, happy. Today is the last day of work for the year and just about everyone in the country is looking forward to these last few hours that trumpet in lazy days, late nights, beautiful nurture time, peaceful doings and good food.

My beloved and I set up the Christmas tree last weekend, although, as with many things, we had completely different ideas on what constitutes a good tree. So, now we have two.  The little person in our lives was surprisingly diplomatic for her age and decided mine was an angel tree while his was a Christmas tree and she loves both.

After finally putting yet another edition to bed, I should be feeling a little strung out, especially given that after it went to print, we discovered it was still dated 2012, and not 2013 as it should be when it hits the shelves in Jan. A slight disaster, but overcome with grace.

So, now I’m going to tie up the ends of the year, place them all in a box labelled 2012 and move forward into this, one of my favourite times of year. You see, nothing has quite ended and nothing quite begun. We sit from now until Jan 1st in a sort of no-man’s land space of time, in which anything is possible. People shine a little more brightly, put on their best faces and smile a lot. As twee as it is, hundreds of Father Christmas figures stand on corners laughing fake laughs, old carols play over shopping centre sound systems and there’s a sparkle of glitter and tinsel wherever you look.

Even cynics have to smile a bit and indulge in some treat or another that makes this time of year just so special. People remember lost loved ones, spend too much on new loved ones and try to be just a bit more cognisant of the specialness of present loved ones.

Whatever your beliefs, it certainly is a world-stopper, even with the intense consumerism thrown in.

I intend on braving the crowds (although I’m secretly hoping the majority of the crowds have already left town) tomorrow to do my bit for the economy. Just so I can come home and wrap elegant little packages to match MY tree.

Although I won’t be drinking eggnog (who on earth came up with that one?), I’ll be spending some time in the kitchen re-inventing the traditional fare with a twist suited for summer.

It’s a little early still, but here’s to a peace- and love-filled Christmas


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