home for the holidays

My last day of work for the year dragged by so slowly I thought it would never end. But it did, in a flurry of goodbye skypes and e-mails – dotted with little lies to colleagues that we’d get together over the holiday and how wonderful it had been to work together this past year. One or two even said they were really looking forward to next year.

It’s taken me a while to realise I’m on holiday. One of the biggest clues is that my maid is also on holiday and so I’m now responsible for filling the dishwasher, doing laundry and making beds. But the coolest thing is that the sense of urgency is gone. During the year, the need to relax puts me under pressure. After a particularly stressful week, my weekends become as precious as gold but I seem to always pack in so much stuff that by the time Sunday evening comes around, I just need another day to chill.

It’s quite obvious I need time to be able to chill. Today is the first day I truly feel I’m on a break. Although, as I sit here writing, I am being somewhat crowded out by upended couches because I hired a carpet cleaning machine yesterday and had to move all the furniture out of the offending rooms to get to the grubbiness. So, there are two Christmas trees propped up against each other, two end tables on top of each other and various couch cushions and bases stuffed into a corner.  My back is throbbing slightly from the unfamiliar bend-pull-straighten while applying downward pressure movement, but the carpets are clean, and now dry. Just one task awaits this morning – moving all the furniture back in place.

Later this morning, the little person in my life is coming to visit and I plan to whisk her off to the botanical gardens for a delightful stroll in the rose gardens – where fountains and pools and millions of roses promise immense inspiration to fantastical tales of fairies, magical flight and talking animals.

As I ease into the heart of and art of being on holiday at home, I’m going to concentrate more on adventure and less on practical matters. I’m going to spend time enjoying every moment of life, soaking up each exquisite morning, revelling in the ubiquitous thunder showers and consequent celebratory birdsong.

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