days like this

On days like this, Chicken Little has nothing on me. The possibility of the sky falling on my head is the least of my worries. A bit of free-floating anxiety hits pretty much everyone from time to time, but today seems particularly bad. I find myself frowning and shaking my head like some nutter who gets their best nutrition out of dustbins and a heavenly spot is somewhere with a sunbeam and only a little bit of pollution.

I’m in a bad mood and it doesn’t seem to be lifting.

The questions in my brain are bouncing around like pinballs and go something like this: did the person I loaned my car to really take it to buy drugs; is it actually true that everyone I currently work with is an out and out idiot with an ego the size of a small planet; is my beloved still in comms with his ex and should this bother me; do people intentionally give you a brief that’s wrong and wait for you to almost finish the job before clarifying what you actually should be doing; is my sister’s boyfriend really a psychotic maniac; is the slight pain in my right breast cancer; is my water bill going to be double because the stupid tap has been dripping for a month and I can’t seem to stop it; is my internet connection ever going to be restored or will I be forced to live in a semi-cyberspace arena using my excruciatingly slow cell phone to connect with the world; will I ever be able to get the landline plug in the ultimate position so it doesn’t fall out of its socket and go flat; can I remember even the most basic yoga poses so I can at least get some exercise in today without being fully online  . . . . .

Sky? What sky. I can’t even see it. There’s far too much clouding my vision right now.

I think I need a day like this:

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