the universe smiles

The decision just over two months ago to resign from my job and permanently kill off Mondays was met with great joy and excitement. However, as the time got closer to my freedom, trepidation began to creep in. I suddenly realised that there was no guarantee that I’d be able to actually pay for my lazy Monday morning coffee and croissant treat, nor my daily yoga classes. Momentary panic set in.

This Monday, I was sitting on a luxuriously soft chaise lounge drinking my first fix of caffeine for the day. I also happened to be gazing out at a magnificent sea view, where I could just see the plumes of passing whales on the horizon. A soft breeze tickled my neck and the sun was beginning its ascent with a warm breath. You see, I’ve just returned from a visit to paradise where I met an amazing client who I will most likely work with for the next five years.

I’m travelling in a couple of weeks to the other coast line, the Cape, to meet with another very interesting client who will keep me busy for at least two years while we build up his incredible business.

Two champagne corks sit happily side by side in my kitchen – one from the day I decided to give Monday’s a miss, and one from celebrating my new client in paradise.

The lesson I’ve learned is that there’s value in taking risks; but, it’s important to stick to your convictions. During the last month of my working contract, there were huge changes that took place in the business and opportunities were opening up at an incredible pace. So many doubts crept in and I actually wished I had the opportunity to reverse my decision, and stay on. But I’d put things in motion and couldn’t go back.

There’s an interesting Ted Talk on the subject of ‘synthetic happiness’ [] that explains humans have a psychological immune system, which allows us to be happy with our lot – basically, if we are given too many choices, we begin to doubt the value of what we have and in fact end up being less than happy with everything.

I’ve always believed that the availability of choices in my life have made me incredibly fortunate. I’ve also always suspected that those myriad choices have stymied me somewhat because doubt creeps in about your own ability to make truly good decisions.

Although I presently feel that the entire universe has opened its arms to me with a great smile of fortune and favour, I have learned two things: to be confident in my decisions (there’s a host of unconscious thought processes that go on behind the scenes in your mind that create your ‘gut feelings’) and learn to love the space I’m in. Whatever that space is, it’s going to offer me opportunities to learn, to grow, to love, to laugh and to be wholly me.

And of course, my ultimate saying is always top of mind: this too shall pass.

Good or bad, learn from every moment, live every moment, revel in every moment – you’ll never have quite that moment again.

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